10th birthday of BGCom

Mar 6, 2020 |

Let us give you a quick introduction! Our adventure began in 2010 and this year we are celebrating 10 years as an agency. In cases such as this, everyone seems to say the same thing, but only those who have lived through the experience understand that there is no other way of describing it… these years have flown by. They were intense, at times hard, and yet filled with wonderful and rich experiences that our clients have made possible for us.

So much work, development, challenges a whole host of satisfactions – this is how we would like to summarise a journey which began almost by chance (something else that everyone says). The agency was not born from a business plan, but through hard work and the trust placed in us year after year by clients, journalists, publishers, friends and families.

We are grateful and proud of this journey… and eager to face the future! As we wait to celebrate together, we would like to thank everyone who has accompanied us along this path!